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Reports says tourists safe in Nepal
New Delhi

New Delhi  
(3rd Feb 2005)

IT appears there are no safety threats to tourists in Nepal, but communication networks are still down and the uncertainty of the political situation has led countries including the US, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan to issue advisories against travel to the country.

Reports claimed air links between Nepal and the rest of the world had largely been restored on Wednesday, a day after the airport in the capital, Kathmandu, was shut after King Gyanendra sacked the government and assumed power.

Royal Nepal Airlines, Indian Airlines and Thai Airways International have resumed flights.

Creative Travel's director of marketing, Mr Rajeev Kohli, based in New Delhi, said: “From what has been seen on TV reports, returning passengers have not talked about any violence, so that is a good sign.“At this stage we do not have any real concern for safety of travellers currently in Nepal. Despite all the problems, tourists have not been targeted by any groups.”

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