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Singapore woos neighbour with new campaign
Singapore, February 25, 2013

THE Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has taken its Only in Singapore – Right Now! campaign to Malaysia, following similar moves in China, Australia, India and Indonesia to launch marketing initiatives specific to key sources.


Similarly titled to the one launched in Jakarta late last year (TTG Asia e-Daily, November 26, 2012), the marketing push in Malaysia “aims to curate and deliver offerings and experiences based on a deeper understanding of consumer needs”.


STB said the campaign was coupled with the launch of YourSingapore Live website, which was specially designed for Malaysian visitors. Featuring the latest happenings, the platform also offers easy access to flights and event tickets booking.


Sophia Ng, assistant chief executive, marketing group, STB, was quoted as saying that the NTO wanted to raise awareness of the smorgasbord of experiences and lifestyle options in Singapore that would appeal to frequent travellers from the north.


“Just as we did in Indonesia, we have spent years engaging the Malaysian market and researching on consumer needs and behaviour. With the insights gleaned, we are now better able to engage the Malaysian visitor at a deeper and more meaningful level,” she said.


“Due to close proximity, ease of access and familial ties, it’s only natural that we see visitors from Malaysia returning repeatedly for visits. This also means that Malaysians are generally also very familiar with Singapore. Nonetheless, we think that more can be conveyed to entice Malaysians to visit our ever-evolving destination even more frequently.”


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