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Hanoi is the best value destination for a city break
Singapore, July 25, 2016

HANOI is the best value destination in the world for a city break, where a trip would cost on average less than US$497, according to TripAdvisor’s annual cost comparison study.


The TripIndex Cities study compared the cost of a three-night break during the summer travel period of June to September in 20 cities around the world, taking into account typical in-destination costs for two people. These include a four-star hotel for three nights, a visit to three attractions, lunch each day, a taxi to and from dinner each day, plus the cost of dinner itself.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Regionally, South-east Asia offered the best value, boasting four of the top 10 cheapest destinations. Aside from Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Bali are in the fourth, fifth and seventh places respectively.


On the flipside, three of the most expensive destinations were also in Asia, with Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong in the second, sixth and seventh spots respectively.


The average price for a short break across the 20 cities studied was found to be US$986 excluding flights. In contrast to Hanoi, New York costs the most at US$1,826 on average.


Accommodation prices were found to be the lowest in Hanoi, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur (US$236, US$255, US$258 for three nights), while the highest prices were found in New York, Cancun and London (US$1,107, US$988, US$804 for three nights).


When it came to eating out, travellers could obtain the best value for their meals in Cape Town, Mumbai and Bali (US$173, US$189 and US$225 over three days), while Hong Kong and Tokyo (at US$597 and US$473) had the highest meal prices.


Both the cost to enter attractions, and taxi fares, varied significantly from destination to destination.

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